Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fertilizer Application/Mowing-Yard Solutions 8-06-08

Yard Solutions put fertilizer on the grass on 8-6-08. This will help green it up. Please do not utilize your own fertilizer on the grass. The additional fertilizer may “burn” the grass. Now all we need is some good evening time rain.

Since the grass is browning and in some cases dormant, they will not mow on 8-6-08. However, they will work on weed remediation.

A Word about Watering

The Villas at Riverbend Association pays the water bill for each condo. This is the second largest expense for our association and totals over $62,000.00 per year. This expense is reflected in your month fees. We encourage people to utilize their water cautiously. If you water your grass, please be sure it is not wasted by watering the street or drive. Remember, the water will run downhill so you do not need to have it directly on the edge of the street for that grass to get water.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


These are difficult financial times. Have you ever wondered if your savings were covered by FDIC. My bank informed me of a website where you can get information regarding your FDIC coverage.
Go on line at In the lower right hand corner is a search button for EDIE-Online Version. This is a fill in the blanks form. You enter each of your accounts at an individual bank. You will add information for each account. It will ask if it is a trust, POD, joint ownership, IRA, etc. After you complete each account, you can add others. When done, it will prepare a report you can print that will spell out just how much FDIC insurance coverage you have for that particular bank.

If you are looking for a little peace of mind about your bank accounts, try it.